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Quickstart: 'How to synchronize files over internet'

When you start Sync2S3 after the installation, you will see the configuration window below.

Here you enter the keys from your Amazon S3 account. If you don't already have these keys, you need to sign up at Amazon S3.

Click OK and you see the main window below:

Adding a job

Click 'Add job' to open the edit job window:  

(1) First, enter a name for the job.
(2) Now, choose the local folder that you want to synchronize.
(3) Check this option if you want to synchronize the sub folders, too.
(4) Choose a bucket name at the Amazon S3 server.
(5) Enter your password and repeat it. If you lose your password, you'll never be able to access your files!
(6) Finally, select the job method: Do you want to synchronize files, backup files or restore a backup?

Click OK to save this job.

Starting a job

Click 'Start job' to start the selected synchronization or backup.

At the beginning of a job, all selected local files are collected. After that, all existing files on the Amazon S3 server are collected and then compared with the local files.
You see the result in a Preview window. Here, you can uncheck the jobs you don't want.
The file name, the size and the modification date of a file is displayed. Furhtermore, you will be able to see if a file will be uploaded, downloaded or deleted on Amazon S3.

By clicking on 'Proceed', you start the synchronization or backup.

During the synchronization you will see a progress form which lets you know exactly what is being done:


When the job is finihed, a message will pop up to let you know.

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